15 ஜனவரி A public domain work by Thirukkural Munusamy. Identifier: ThirukkuralThelivurai. Identifier-ark: ark://t1dj8mh5x. Ocr: language not. , introducing selections from the Holy Kural, the Saint's 2, year-old There are ten kural couplets per chapter, making a total of 1, couplets in. Thirukkural with meaning - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read book online for free. Thirukkural with meaning திருக்குறள்.

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Thirukkural verses in Tamil (TSCII format) along with the English Translation of. Kaviyogi Maharishi Shuddhananda Bharatiar. ¾¢ÕìÌÈû. ÌÈðÀ¡ì¸û ¾Á¢Æ¢Öõ. Dear Friends, Have you ever tasted the meaning of thirukkural. I have attahed it for you all.. Read & Enjoy. 22nd November From India. Human life is said to endeavor for the fulfillment of four goals of life- Dharma. ( Righteousness), Artha (Wealth or worldly comforts), Kaama (Desire-fulfillment) and.

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Munusamy , Devaneya Pavanar , M. Karunanithi , and Solomon Pappaiah. Translations Bas-relief inscriptions of the Kural couplets at Valluvar Kottam The first translation known of the Kural text is a Malayalam translation that appeared in about However, the manuscript remained unpublished and was first reported by the Annual Report of the Cochin Archeological Department for the year to However, he translated only the first two parts, viz.

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The first French translation was brought about by an unknown author by about that went unnoticed. The first available French version was by Monsieur Ariel in Again, he did not translate the whole work but only parts of it.

The first German translation was made by Dr. Karl Graul , who published it in both at London and Leipzig. Graul's translation was unfortunately incomplete due to his premature death. Kindersley in and then by Francis Whyte Ellis in While Kindersley translated a selection of the Kural text, Ellis translated couplets in all—69 of them in verse and 51 in prose.

Drew translated the first two parts in prose in and , respectively. It contained the original Tamil text of the Kural, Parimelalhagar's commentary, Ramanuja Kavirayar's amplification of the commentary and Drew's English prose translation. However, Drew was able to translate only couplets, and the remaining were made by John Lazarus , a native missionary.

Like Beschi, Drew did not translate the part on love. Aiyar , K. Balasubramaniam , Shuddhananda Bharati , A. Chakravarti , M. Purnalingam Pillai , C. Rajagopalachari , P. Sundaram , V. Ramachandra Dikshitar , G. Vanmikanathan , Kasturi Srinivasan , S. Sriramadesikan , and K. Srinivasa Iyengar. It is the most translated Tamil literature and also the most translated non-religious text of India.

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Translational difficulties With a highly compressed prosodic form, the Kural text employs the intricately complex Kural venba metre , known for its eminent suitability to gnomic poetry. The Latin translation by Father Beshi , for instance, contains several such mistranslations noticed by modern scholars. According to V. The concept of rebirth or many births for the same soul is contrary to Christian principle and belief.

For example, G. Pope speaks of the book as an "echo of the 'Sermon on the Mount. The ancient Tamil poet Avvaiyar observed, "Valluvar pierced an atom and injected seven seas into it and compressed it into what we have today as Kural.

Pope called its author "a bard of universal man. There is none who has given such a treasure of wisdom like him. Grant said, "Humility, charity and forgiveness of injuries, being Christian qualities, are not described by Aristotle.

Now these three are everywhere forcibly inculcated by the Tamil Moralist. John Lazarus said, "No Tamil work can ever approach the purity of the Kural.

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It is a standing repute to modern Tamil. Munshi , "Thirukkural is a treatise par excellence on the art of living. Emmons E.

White , "Thirukkural is a synthesis of the best moral teachings of the world. The whole of human aspiration is epitomized in this immortal book, a book for all ages.

An age-old Tamil maxim has it that " banyan and neem maintain oral health; Four and Two maintain moral health," where "Four" and "Two" refer to the quatrains and couplets of Nalatiyar and the Kural, respectively.

In popular culture A Kural couplet on display inside a Chennai Metro train With the rediscovery of the image of Valluvar in , the portrait of the author with matted hair and a flowing beard, as drawn by artist K.

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Whereas he says that one can eject what is natural or inborn in him Kural , he indicates that one can overcome the inherent natural flaws by getting rid of laziness Kural While in Chapter 7 he asserts that the greatest gain men can obtain is by their learned children Kural 61 , in Chapter 13 he says that it is that which is obtained by self-control Kural Nevertheless, the basic ideas of Valluvar is found in the introductory section of the Kural, which includes the first four chapters of the text.

Sundaram in the introduction to his work, while "all other sins may be redeemed, but never ingratitude," Valluvar couldn't understand "how anyone could wish to fatten himself by feeding on the fat of others.

While the Artha Shastra is based on subtle statecraft, the Porul of the Kural text bases morality and benevolence as its cornerstones. Unlike Kamasutra, which is all about eros and techniques of sexual fulfillment, the Kural text of Inbam remains a poetic appreciation of flowering human love as explicated by the Sangam period's concept of intimacy, known as aham in the Tamil literary tradition.

Both Valluvar and Confucius focused on the behaviors and moral conducts of a common person. Similar to Valluvar, Confucius advocated legal justice embracing human principles, courtesy, and filial piety , besides the virtues of benevolence , righteousness , loyalty and trustworthiness as foundations of life.

Firstly, unlike Confucius, Valluvar was also a poet. Secondly, Confucius did not deal with the subject of conjugal love , for which Valluvar devoted an entire division in his work. Save for the highly educated circle of scholars and elites outside the Tamil land, the Kural remained largely unknown to the outside world for close to one-and-a-half millennia. It had been passed on as word of mouth from parents to their children and from preceptors to their students for generations within the Tamil-speaking regions of South India.

It was not until when the first translation of the work appeared in Malayalam that the work became known to the wider circle outside the Tamil-speaking communities. Thus, the Kural became the first book to be published in Tamil, [78] followed by the Naladiyar. The work has been continuously in print ever since. Mahalinga Iyer published the first 24 chapters of the Kural with commentaries for the first time.

This publication was later used by 'Vallalar' Ramalinga Adigal to teach the Kural to the masses. By occasionally referring to bliss beyond the worldly life, Valluvar equates what can be achieved in humanly life with what may be attained thereafter. Even here, he maintains a tone that could be acceptable to people of all faiths. Despite knowing its seemingly contradictory nature from a purist point of view, Valluvar employs this method to emphasise the importance of the given code of ethic.

Following are some of the instances where Valluvar employs contradictions to expound the virtues. To the question 'What is wealth of all wealth?

In regard to the virtues one should follow dearly even at the expense of other virtues, Valluvar points to veracity Kural , not coveting another's wife Kural , and not being called a slanderer Kural In essence, however, in Chapter 33 he crowns non-killing as the foremost of all virtues, pushing even the virtue of veracity to the second place Kural John Lazarus said, "No Tamil work can ever approach the purity of the Kural.

It had been passed on as word of mouth from parents to their children and from preceptors to their students for generations within the Tamil-speaking regions of South India. The chief element of the monument includes a m-high chariot, a replica of the chariot in the temple town of Thiruvarur , and it contains a life-size statue of Valluvar. Mahalinga Iyer published the first 24 chapters of the Kural with commentaries for the first time. Chidambaram Pillai.

All the 1, verses of the Kural text are inscribed on bas-relief in the corridors in the main hall.