OFFICIAL WEBSITE - Films, books, audio titles including The Secret, The Power of Henry's Imagination, Hero, The Magic, The Power, The Secret to Teen Power. THE SECRET - the book that changed the world, by Rhonda Byrne. Translated in 50+ languages. #1 on New York Times bestseller list. This is a great book and I can only say I wish I read it sooner. I chose to start Download "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Where can I find a direct download link for The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret PDF?.

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non-fiction books · Australian books · Self-help books · Philosophy of life. Hidden categories: Edit links. This page was last. Regarded as a life-changing read by many readers, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a self-help book that embarks to motivate the reader about a universal. The Secret Series 4 Books Collection Set Hero, Power, Magic, Secret [Rhonda Byrne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Secret Series .

And everything that follows, to chapter 18, is impossible to view through any other lens. Everything about this book is annoying.

Primarily fucking frustrating, though, is my age-old gripe about non-fiction books: unless it's a personal essay, I don't care about your personal life. I absolutely do not. And Stephon, my five percenter, I feel so strongly about this that I need to write a list of all the things I don't care about that kept slapping me in the fucking face while I was reading this book.

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This book is about physics! So I will talk about my high school experience for a whole chapter! What's the point of this book?

Physics has wavefunctions, so it is connected to music. The book does spend considerable time on how to use the Law of Attraction to gain expensive material possessions, and without direct action; many people have asserted that having such a focus on external things and material wealth goes against the spiritual wisdom of the Law of Attraction.

See a Problem?

Other cons that Scott points out are the criticism of the idea that we create our own difficult circumstances in life, pointing out people born in extreme poverty, and that The Law of Attraction is not scientifically proven, but more of an anecdotally-observed phenomenon. Her final thoughts are: "Though there are some hiccups to it, I would say that this book can provide some excellent opportunities for stress relief, and a rough road map to a better life.

While she reached some of her goals, others had improved. Frankel's final assessment is: "Counting my blessings has been uplifting, reminding me of what's already great about my life.

Visualization has forced me to pay attention to what I really desire. Sanjay embarks on a perilous journey beginning in the darkest realm at the bottom of Dev's spine.

As he searches for the noble warrior Prince Arjun—the only hope to defeat wicked Prince Ego—Sanjay encounters starving mobs, thieving gangs, water worlds and lands of fire, until at last he finds Arjun on the battlefield, ready to fight for Dev. This book attempts to take the messages of the Gita and make them more accessible to children and to also present the Gita as a universal message..

They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts. An ideal plot for a new generation Bollywood movie.

The book shot into limelight and became a national bestseller. Not because it was a book about bank scams.

But because the main protagonist of the book was a diamond merchant named Nirav Choksi, the duo of the now infamous PNB bank scam. This despite the author's steadfast refusal to bask under the glow of the hottest breaking news of the day. But that is not the reason why we will be talking about the book and its author here today.Even aside from Alexander's fellatio, there's so little of interest in this book, which should really be classified as a memoir, that I can't even bring myself to give it a second star.

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Byrne provides examples of historical persons who have allegedly achieved this. If the winning book is a translation, the translator will be awarded..

The JCB award: Promise of transparency In a short and sweet event on 10 April, leading manufacturer of earthmoving equipment, the JCB Group offered a sumptuous Rs 25 lakh award to fiction writers in India, bringing equity to the prizes game.

Not only that, but it will help to spread the truth about how you can manifest exactly what you want from your life.