Cartoon History of the Universe #1 - 9 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark. Cartoon History of the Universe - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Cartoon History of the Universe. Download The Cartoon History of the Universe II: Volumes From by Larry Gonick PDF. By Larry Gonick. here is a new installment of the phenomenal.

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[PDF] Download Cartoon History of the Universe Volumes Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at. Why begin earlier than the birth of the universe? Includes the evolution of life on earth, the origin of sex, the first humans, the early civilizations of the Middle East, . Cartoon History of the Universe I, Vol. From the Big Bang to Alexander the Great, Cartoon History of the Universe II, Vol. From the Springtim.

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The Cartoon History of the Universe II

Book Details Author: Larry Gonick Pages: Paperback Brand: Book Appearances 5. You just clipped your first slide! Then Darius, through a trick, became a king of Persia. Darius divided his king into 20 satrapies, each one rule by a Persian Satrap. He established a post service on good roads. Engaged in trade with China.

Larry Gonick, "The Cartoon History of the Universe"

Ionians on the Asian coast rebelled from the Persians. So, they asked for help from Athens. Athenians had their own share of a civil strife between the rich and the poor. Solon tried to reconcile their interests read Diogenes on Solon and Plutarch on Solon.

The representative of the poor was Pisistratos. He fought the aristocras, gave land to the poor, enforced Solon's laws. The aristocrats called in the Spartans. The Athenians rose against the aristocrats and the Spartans. Athens fought many of its neighbors - Corinth, Thebes, etc. Darius attempted to sail to Greece, but his ships were broken up on the rocks of Aegean sea. Athens sent a runner to Sparta for help. He made miles in 2 days. The Spartans didn't come on time, but Athenian hoplites defeated a much greater number of Persians at Marathon.

The leader of Athens became Themistocles, a son of a vegetable vendor a shopkeeper. He had some extra silver, and with this he built a great navy. Xerxes with a great army marched on Greece. Attempted to build a bridge from Asia to Europe. The Greeks sent a small force to make a first line defense at Thermopylae.

Spartan king Leonides with spartans and servants made their last stand there. They were defeated through a betrayal. Athens was evacuated and torched by the Persians.

Greeks were not united, but Themistocles forced them to fight on sea Salamis , by passing a message to the Persians. Xerxes went home, but left behind troops, which were defeated next year, B. Athens built an empire based on ships. The leader of the democrats - Pericles. He made Athens beautiful through public works. The Peloponnesian war What is history?

Story of kings, 2. The trial of Socrates. Pupil of Socrates - Plato, pupil of Plato - Aristotle. Aristotle teacher Alexander the Great. He conquered the Persian empire.

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Picture above: Alexander vs. Darius during the battle of Issus. After defeating the Persians, Alexander went all the way to India. Further his troops refused to go. Result of the merging were the Himalays. Dravidian people who built the first civilization must have visited the Sumer to learn about the city planning. Then India was invaded by Aryans "the pure", i. The biggest treasure was the cow.

It was a source of many goods. Hence, worship of the cow in India. In ancient Greece, there was a worship of a bull. Class division of the Indian society: sudra the workers , vaisya the merchants , kshatriya warriors-aristocrats , brahmin priests Mahabharata - an epic poem of brothers who, with help of god Krishna, defeat the enemies in a civil war. Indian religion - there is a soul to the Universe, called "Brahman", which is equivalent to the individual soul within each and every one, "Atman".

The idea of Karma good vs.

Main gods: Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu. Worship of phallic symbol. Prince Gautama - future Buddha. Born B. Lifetime of search for enlightenment.

The idea of moderation, or the Middle Way. Jainism - founded by Vardhamana, another seeker. Reverence for life, in all forms. There were also materialists, but they didn't get much support from the rich. Festivals every 4 years at the junction of India's main rivers - all sects. Different laws for different castes. Prejudices against women. Sex manual - the Kama Sutra - composed at this time. The poem of Bhagavad Gita song of God - Krishna's explanation what is reality.

Chinese women learned to make silk from caterpillar cocoons. This is credited to a sage-queen Lei-Zu. Her husband, the yellow emperor Huang-Ti, invented the court ceremony and warfare Another sage, Fu Hsi, could see the future by looking at a tortoise. Other sages invented irrigation and fire. Yu organized China to build dams and dikes to control the floods.

Yu also surveyed China and divided it up politically Chinese family - very strong bonds of reverence and obedience, hierarchy Chinese writing was pictographic, which later became stylized. China was periodically invaded by northern barbarians. China broke into a number of small kingdoms which were constantly fighting each other. The philosophy of Daoismwas invented. Lao Tzu was China's first philosopher. Confucius - B. There was central control of grain - gov't downloading surplus grain from peasants in times of plenty, and selling to people when the harvests were poor vol.

IV century B. Meanwhile, two twin brothers were abandoned by their parents, around B. They were raised by a she-wolf, or a prostitute same word in Latin.

Photo on the right: The Capitoline she-wolf with the boys Romulus and Remus. MuseoNuovo in the Palazzo deiConservatori, Rome.

The figure of the wolf - 13 century. Romulus and Remus - 15th century. They founded the city of Rome. In a fight, Romulus killed Remus. Romans obtained their women from a neighboring Sabine tribe. Romans kicked out their kings because a son of Tarquin the Proud raped one of their women. The revolt against the kings was led by Brutus. Constant class struggles between the patricians and the plebs as in the U.

Interests of two imperial cities - Rome and Carthage collided over Sicily. Hence, the Punic wars. Hannibal crossed the Alps with his army and obtained a victory over Romans in the battle of Cannae, B. Scipio defeated Hannibal in the battle of Zama, B.

Carthage surrendered. Romans started using slaves from nations they conquered for their agriculture, etc. A radical tribune, Tiberius Grachus, proposed to give a land to the landless.

The Senate killed him, and later his brother. A newly elected consul Gaius Marius creates his own army to fight against the senators. A civil war follows between Sulla and Marius. Caesar - a nephew of Marius.

Borrows money from Crassus and others to win the favor of the plebs. Caesar claims he needs only one thing: his own dignity. He raised an army and invaded Gaul. He wrote a history of the campaign. In 46 B. Caesar comes triumphant to Rome.

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A plot is hatched against him by the senators and they kill him, 44 B. A war follows between Antony and Octavian a nephew of Caesar Rome becomes an empire, with "Augustus Caesar" as the emperor vol. Augustus degraded the Senate, encouraged patriotic writers, such as Livy and Vergil, but banished poet Ovid to a desert island Fighting for inheritance of Judea Israel is awaiting for "messiah", or "the savior" John teaches that sins can be washed away by a bath in the Jordan river - and there is evidence that water does take away stress and headaches.

One such "free-lance preacher" was Joshua, son of Joseph. And he had 12 assistants. Another one was Mary Magdalene, who gave "special services" to Joshua.

She appears to have been the girlfriend of Jesus, as he often kissed her on the mouth, and some of his followers were jealous for that. Joshua went to Jerusalem where he offended authorities e. They arrested him and Judas identified him with a kiss. So, he was crucified and Mary saw that his body was stolen from a cave and said that he has risen from the dead. The desciples started preaching "the way" Caligula - a demented emperor: thirst for blood, sex with wives of his dinner guests, etc.

Praetorian guard plays a role in appointing a new emperor - Claudius. One of the early christians - Stephen - insulted the high priests by saying "You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you", for which he was stoned. Judea - an example of a rebelious province: "Roman luxury meant provincial poverty! In Judea, high taxes created unrest, arrests, and executions". Thus, the story of Jesus and Christianity is really the enslaved, exploited provinces against the "educated" capital of empire, a center of exploitation and oppression of humanity.

Josephus describes the rebellion of Judea against Rome, the Massada defense, the destruction of Jerusalem, the destruction of the Jewish nation. Nero was another of crazy emperors - maries his male slave, kills his mother vol.

Their religion was outlawed. They were "thrown to the lions" listen to "American Caesar" by Iggy Pop. In 's, this switched to "don't ask, don't tell" policy In China at this time - dynasties struggle for power. The battle of red bluff, A. Three religions at this time in China: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism. Romans invent a totally armored knight - a forerunner of middle-ages knight The chinese invent the stir-ups.

The emperor Diocletian invents serfdom, to ensure tax payments from depopulated countryside: "no tenant farmer could move from landlord's farm". Constantine - the first Christian emperor. Persecutions of Christians stop. Founded a new city - Constantinople, modern Istanbul. Various sects start to appear among Christians. To settle the question of creed, Constantine holds a meeting of bishops in Nicaea, in Asia Minor.

They specify "orthodoxy", held by the Catholic church today. Other beliefs are "heresy". German soldiers serving in the Roman army rebel "hunger turned to anger". The Goths defeat the Roman army in B. The Romans execute their own Gothic units. Alaric, king of the Goths, sacked Rome.

In the Vandals sacked the Rome. But the Eastern part of the Empire remained. It fell in He taught that Muslism should be modest, sober, frugal, charitable towards widows and orphans. They should treat each other as brothers and sisters.

He also taught that women should cover their heads - to avoid cheating on their husbands hence, we understand this to be a period of the beginning of private property.

After death of M. In the Arabs collided with the Chinese, fighting. After the battle, the Arabs brought home one Chinese who knew the secret of making paper. The Arabs start developing high culture: astronomy, mathematics Charlemange sent diplomats to Baghdad. The caliph sent Charlemagne a clock, a chess set, and an elephant, as presents.

Swedes wake up at the time. They sail their boats through Russia, and shipped amber and slaves to Baghdad. African slaves in the south of Iraq rebel. He Muhhamed also did and preached things that went against the traditions of the times, e. Muslims killed some Jewish tribes in Medina vol. The process of drying started around B. Africans started farming and smelting iron Malayans - double hulled boats. Travel miles to Madagascar, then to Africa. Bantu picked up vegetables from them.

Struggle between kingdoms of Ethiopia, Nubia and Ethiopia Ethiopian queen Sheba went to visit king Solomon, who made advances to her, and she went home pregnant Timbaktu - a university town, Islam vol.

Indians also invented chess, a game of battle strategy Hinduism came up with the idea that sex runs the universe, it was a way of overcoming a division of society into castes. He gave a rise to the line of Louis kings in France. Spain converted to Christianity around A civil war in Spain resulted in an invitation of Arabs, who conquer all of Spain The Arabs cross the mountains into France.

At the battle of Tours they are defeated. Charlemagne - the son of Pippin - constantly at war in Europe His friend was count Roland, who was killed by the Basques. Hence, "The Song of Roland".

After death of Charles, invasions of Europe by the Vikings start Nobles built up castles, and hence gain independence Vikings also follow down the Volga river, and around a new nation is born - Russia picture on the right: Nicholas Roerich, "Guests from overseas".

Photo on the right: A medieval image of Peter the Hermit, leading knights, soldiers and women toward Jerusalem during the First Crusade Culture was much higher among the Arabs at the time than in Europe. Peter Abelard and Heloise the women around this time wore a "chastity belt" educated women appear - Hildegard von Bingen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Heloise Richard the Lion Heart, son of Eleanor - a Turkish sultan boasts of a man who can fly A horse collar was invented, which allows horse to be used in agriculture - Leonardo Fibonacci puts out his math book.

He introduces the arabic numerals - children's crusades - the Pope sets up an Inquisition Around the same time, Ginghis Khan starts to set up his empire. This reaches its height in the middle of the XIII century vol. One Hun exclaims with an oafish grin, "My emotions are valid!

Also noteworthy is Gonick's use of caricature. For example, he depicts the weaselly Robert Guiscard , the 11th-century Norman adventurer, as an anthropomorphic weasel , an allusion to Guiscard's name and cunning nature, and depicts Babur , the 16th-century founder of the Mughal Empire with buckteeth an allusion to the theory that the conqueror's name means " beaver ".

Unorthodox citations[ edit ] Consistently enthusiastic in tone, Gonick uses each collection's bibliography to promote historical literacy. At the end of each published collection, Gonick thoroughly cites his sources.

But rather than relying upon an ordinary, typeset bibliography, Gonick sustains his unorthodox style and exuberant tone as the Professor takes the reader through a cartoon tour of his sources. Because much of The Cartoon History covers evolutionary science , physics , astronomy , and ancient history , Gonick has referenced original writings on these subjects, rather than relying on secondary sources or anthologies.

Some of these primary sources are national epics, cultural writings, or holy scriptures , such as Homer 's Iliad , the Rig Veda of India, and the Bible. In this way he prompts his readers also to read the primary sources.Confucius - B. Volumes 1 to 7 starts with the Big Bang, to the evolution, to the first great civilizations Sumer, Egypt and the Greeks , and ends with Alexander the Great reaching India.

Yu organized China to build dams and dikes to control the floods. Xerxes with a great army marched on Greece. Enlightenment in Europe.

WordPress Shortcode. In the course of travelling they pick up culture, e. This introduction provides a bridge to the action, the main narrative of each chapter.