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For Individuals: Within the candidates studying for the ECDL, one can distinguish between two groups of students: the ones who do not have prior IT knowledge and therefore use the ECDL training to achieve a basic level of competence in this field and those who need an official certificate to prove their abilities in Computing. In the end, both groups profit in the same way: They can easily demonstrate to a prospective employer that they have the required computing skills. This is due to the fact, that the ECDL is regarded as trustworthy throughout most industry sectors and by companies of all sizes.

And as the ECDL is a Europe-wide initiative, workers moving across country boundaries do not have to worry about the recognition of their qualifications.

This is especially important, as nowadays individuals must cope with the rapid development of technology and be able to live and work in the new information society. The better the employee is trained, the more efficient he is for the company.

So, the employer reduces the costs of recruiting and familiarising an applicant with his work. In detail, costs for IT support are lowered and time waste through insuffic ient knowledge, ineffective working methods and asking help from other staff members is avoided.

Furthermore, the ECDL constitutes a motivation for staff as it increases their confidence in working with a computer and so their productivity. And this standardisation of IT qualifications, which enables companies to exchange employees easily, goes hand in hand with the worldwide spreading of Windows based computer systems.

So, global businesses can exchange data and files without problems of converting different file formats. Therefore the number of students, e. Another positive aspect is, that the ECDL course is structured very flexibly, so that it can be taken in different forms online, books, lessons. The overall objective of the ECDL is to spread computer literacy to all citizens in all countries.

In this respect, the following aims are pursued: 1.

To provide a deeper understanding of Information Technology 2. To fit people with a higher level of computer skills 3. To make sure that computer users can use the computer efficiently and make the most advantages out of their studies 4.

To raise the productivity of all employees who have to use a computer professionally 5. To enable investors in Information Technology to receive more profit 6. To ensure that all people, without paying attention to their social or cultural background, have the possibility to qualify themselves for becoming part of the Information Society. It generally describes the knowledge areas and practical skills required to meet the ECDL standard.

This syllabus is divided in seven modules: - Module 1: "Basic concepts of Information Technology IT " - The candidate has to have knowledge about basic computer architecture, basic -rinciples of Information Technology, use of software applications in society, information networks, health, security, and legal issues related to computing.

This means he is required to know about features, such as formatting text, creating tables, inserting pictures, and using word associated mail tools. Secondly, successfully retrieving information from a database using the appropriate tools. He has to show his ability of designing the presentation for different target audiences and situations, and use appropriate presentation features, such as graphics, charts and slide show effects.

This includes using search engines, browser functions, such as bookmarks and printing as well as e- mail software. These modules do not have to be taken consecutively, even though for candidates without any prior experience, it is recommended to do so.


Basically, there is no real difference in the way you obtain the ECDL in Britain to any other participating country. This log book is an official document , in which every successfully passed test is registered.

The candidate can either be examined by manual testing or alternatively by automatic evaluation testing. If a student considers his experience suffic ient, he can start the test right away.

Company and product images:

Generally, the costs for obtaining the ECDL licence vary a lot according to the individual needs of the applicant. But due to alleged fraud and theft within the ILA, this program was shut down on the In general, there are three different ways of training students.

The training, if necessary, can be accomplished either by taking classes in test centres, entirely by online-learning, or by combining these two methods. The combination of distance learning and classes is the most common way. Furthermore, there is a variety of standardised course material e. But in any case, the student must register with a test centre and undertake the examinations there.

As, there are currently more than 1, test centres24 across the United Kingdom, the ECDL website provides a list of all UK test centres for prospective students searchable by postcode or city. These companies took up the offer of being accredited themselves by carrying out training and assessment of their employees through their own IT training.

What 5 countries have issued the most ECDL and to what extent is this linked to the number of Internet connections per country? The following pie chart makes that clear: Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten The following table shows the percentage of the population that has access to the Internet, the total number of Internet connections per country, and the percentage of citizens possessing an ECDL.

One can see a certain correlation between Internet connections and possessing an ECDL for the first four countries of the table.

Please update this section to reflect recent events or newly available information. November The magazine has evolved significantly over the years. The most drastic change has been the shrinkage of the publication due to contractions in the computer-industry ad market and the easy availability of the Internet , which has tended to make computer magazines less "necessary" than they once were.

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This is also the primary reason for the November decision to discontinue the print version. Where once mail-order vendors had huge listing of products in advertisements covering several pages, there is now a single page with a reference to a website.

At one time the s through the mids , the magazine averaged about pages an issue, with some issues breaking the and even page marks. In the late s, as the computer-magazine field underwent a drastic pruning, the magazine shrank to approximately and then pages.

PC Magazine - February 2015

Today,[ when? Since the late s, the magazine has taken to more frequently reviewing Macintosh software and hardware. PC Magazine has consistently positioned itself as the leading source[ citation needed ] of information about personal computers PC and PC-related products, and its development and evolution have mirrored those of computer journalism in general. The magazine practically invented the idea of comparative hardware and software reviews in with a groundbreaking "Project Printers" issue.

For many years thereafter, the blockbuster annual printer issue, featuring more than reviews, was a PC Magazine tradition.

The publication also took on a series of editorial causes over the years, including copy protection the magazine refused to grant its coveted Editors' Choice award to any product that used copy protection and the "brain-dead" Intel then-editor-in-chief Bill Machrone said the magazine would still review s but would not recommend them.

During the dot-com bubble , the magazine began focusing heavily on many of the new Internet businesses, prompting complaints from some readers that the magazine was abandoning its original emphasis on computer technology. After the collapse of the technology bubble in the early s, the magazine returned to a more-traditional approach.

Alternative methods of publication[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message In the s, there was a PC Disk Magazine edition which was published on floppy disk.

PC Magazine - March 2016

The online edition began in late and started producing a digital edition of the magazine through Zinio in For some years in the late s, a CD-ROM version containing interactive reviews and the full text of back issues was available.This means he is required to know about features, such as formatting text, creating tables, inserting pictures, and using word associated mail tools.

PC Magazine - February An article in The Observer Nov. What are the objectives of the ECDL? Giant Resources.