saga crescent and cross pdf download - Gripping Beast produce high quality 28mm Metal and Plastic Miniatures for painting and playing, from different eras. SAGA - The Crescent & the Cross Battleboards - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Battle Board Crusaders. SAGA Quick Reference Sheat - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SAGA - The Crescent & the Cross Battleboards. Uploaded by.

Saga Crescent And Cross Pdf

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Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk have done it again, the wonderful developers of Saga – The Viking Age Series which has been a bestseller are now. Crescent and the Cross. Of course, they are useful and totally compatible with factions from Saga: Dark Ages Skirmishes supplements or from Aetius & Arthur. Ignore all references to The Crescent & The Cross and use the Saga rulebook to look up the rules concerned. Since certain steps in melee.

The Crusaders are a versatile faction that can be built a number of ways, but will always be interested in getting to grips with the enemy sooner rather than later.

SAGA - The Crescent & the Cross Battleboards

Milites Christi The Milites Christi are another aggressive faction. The lean towards mounted troops, and Warlords and hearthguard must be mounted. Having warriors mounted is optional.

Crossbows are also a warrior option and your crossbows are unlimited, except that they may not outnumber your hearthguard. There are no levies in this faction. The higher you want your Piety to rise the more dice you must dedicate, and you can only raise your Piety by one per turn. Battle board abilities lean towards melee, and with a mostly mounted faction you should be able to use them from turn 2 forward Some abilities work better with a high Piety level, other abilities work the same regardless of your Piety level.

Milites Christi are an aggressive faction that will give experienced SAGA players a tricky set of options to explore each turn. Newer players may find they are better off focussing on a few abilities and exploring the rest of the battle board in future games.

Spanish The Spanish faction comes with a warning in the rule book: this faction is intended for experienced players only. This faction is less flexible at the top end, as Warlords and hearthguards are always mounted and have no equipment options. Levies may have javelins, bows, or crossbows. The latter weapon causes the firing unit to become fatigued after using them. Someone needs to feed their levies properly!

The other two are activated and these activations do not generate Fatigue. The other SAGA dice are returned to your pool.

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OR it must take two Fatigues and cancel its activation. The target unit gains a number o f Defence Dice Any die that has the symbol you chose may be immediately placed on your Battle Board. Choose one of the scores rolled. Activate a unit o f Levy. Gain a number of Attack Dice equal to half that score.

Any Attack or Defence Die choose one option rolled by that unit which results i n a score equal to the number you rolled is ignored and has no effect.

Your unit gains a number of Attack Dice equal to the highest score. Each o f these units must either take one Fatigue or eliminate one o f its models.

Until the end of the current turn. Activate for a Movement a number o f different friendly units. Your opponent chooses one to take one Fatigue. Cancel that activation. Each time you use this ability.

After step 7. I f there are still units on each side engaged after that. This model may not be placed within o f an enemy model that does not belong to an engaged enemy unit. Activate a unit o f Warriors.

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I f that unit does not end this movement engaged i f a Fanatic was sacrificed within SR o f the unit that sacrificed the model. Discard 2 Martyr tokens to add one figure to this unit discard 4 tokens if it is a Fanatics unit. I f the activated unit does not have any Fatigue.

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May only be used on a unit o f at least 3 models. Do not roll any Defence Dice during the step 5.

This movement is Xl if moving i n open ground or SR if moving i n. I f the number o f enemy models is higher than the number o f your models. Gain a number of Attack Dice and a number of Defence Dice equal to a third of the number. Orders Designate an enemy Warriors or Levies unit made of up to 6 models and that is more than lil away o f its Warlord.

God wills it! Christian factions in SAGA Crescent and Cross

Your opponent chooses: Roll it and add it to his available dice. Use this ability when an opponent activates a unit to Rest. Activate a unit o f Levies. May not be used by units equipped with ranged weapons.. C l In addition. Up to half the casualties rounded up you suffer during the step 5 may be removed from an enemy unit within SR that is not the shooting unit instead o f being removed from your unit.

Until the end o f the current turn. We Obey and Side by Side special rules. If he is not exhausted. All mounted models move Xt in open terrain. A unit that has moved earlier during the turn. Reduce the Armour of the target by one.

M a x number o f Attack Dice is equal to twice the amount o f Dice generated b y the u n i t. All these effects may only be used once during each Movement activation. Arme j Range Bows. Target number is the enemy's A r m o u r. May shoot at the end of a Movement activation.

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Activate each of your units for a Movement or a Shooting.

May only be used on your Warlord or Knights.The activation is canceled and the unit may not be activated again this turn. Related titles. If on foot he may have a heavy weapon. Use this ability when an opponent activates a unit to Rest.

This faction is less flexible at the top end, as Warlords and hearthguards are always mounted and have no equipment options. Maltsev Maxim. The sight of a Crusader warband stopping to pray in the first turn of a game will likely be a common one.

If you move within VS of an enemy model, you must engage it in melee.