Passport applicants can download and print the application form for To download the main passport application form for Fresh or Re-issue of Passport status or deputed by the Government of India for official duty abroad. the Supplementary Form have been given in the Passport Application Form, which has to Form and Supplementary Form, issued by the Government of India, Use CAPITAL LETTERS only, throughout the application form, as shown in the. Passport applicants can download the e-Form and fill in the details by following the mentioned steps.

Indian Passport Renewal Form Pdf

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Please read the Passport Information Booklet carefully before filling the form. suppression of information would lead to rejection of application and would. Fill Passport Application Form Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and Get, Create, Make and Sign indian passport application online. Fill Online. Passport Application Form signed by the applicant and photograph pasted at the visit:

I am Indian citizen and currently in the process of applying for renewal of my Indian passport. Both my parents passed away long time ago and I do not have any address in India.

I like to choose foreign address that is my current USA address. Now my question is , How do I know I am eligible to print my foreign address USA on the passport and what documents will be required. Has anyone tried to print USA address in passport and completely skip Indian address. Anyways I am posting here if someone knows the procedure and others like me can take advantage of any information shared here.

I am almost in the same situation as you are. Thought I have an address in Telangana, India due to new state situation and government is still cooking new districts there is total chaos in terms of my address. Voter ID and Electricity bill have 2 different districts in the address. I have an address in India. However, I was able to add my US address as all I had to do was present a notarized copy of my license.

I just applied for the passport this week on Tuesday and as of today, Friday, its all ready and on its way back to me. Amruta, Once you get your passport, can please confirm and share details with the community, if you have got your US Address in your new passport.

My daughter passport was issued when she was 12 year old and still expiry date shows till Can she travel with the minor passport although she is no more a minor now.

Well, technically she should have not got 10 year validity, it was a mistake as only 15 to 18 years only are eligible for it. It can be risky, better get a new passport and then travel. I need to renew my passport. My current passport has my parents address.

Passport & Consular Forms

I need new passport with my current husband residence adress. Can I submit my marriage certificate along with my husbands adress proof to get current adress in my new passport?

It should be sufficient to get it changed. I am an NRE and we are going to have a baby in india in July. I need to travel back with the baby within 90 days to Qatar where I reside for work, and I have to get the passport done withi 30 days of birth as I will will be in india then. Fathers Passport 2.

Mother passport She has my named listed on her passport 3. Original Marriage certificate 4. Any address proof of the mother showing husbands residence. Even though my name is on my wifes passport , her family name is not changed to mine 2. We do not have any document of my wife with my home country address. Also we are not looking at the option of changing her family name as we have just applied for a Canadian PR and we do not want any conflicts due to change in documents.

I have submitted my renewal application on 28 01 and my police verification got over today evening i. When will I get my renewed passport? For Reissue of passport of my spouse Ramaswami Lalitha old passport No: What should We do since both of us 79 yrs and 73 yrs old. Sometimes, it can take a month or so. Just wait for few more days until it reaches a month. If nothing, then reach out to passport office.

You can call their customer service.

Indian Passport Renewal, Re-issue–Required Documents, Process. NO Need for Agent.

My passport has expired on last July Now I would like to renew the passport. I needs to submit again all the proofs? Also May I knew within how many days or months we need to renew the passport once it is expired. Please suggest on this. You can renew it anytime…The process is same as described above.

You will need proofs like current address. I applied for a passport I at kolkata. It was neither issued nor denied. I got married in , shifted to my native place in Punjab, applied here, got the passport.

So far so good, my passport due for renewal, got an appointment date ,went to the passport office, then enquiry about application started, went on for couple of months, NOt cleared BECAUSE according to application I was married to some other Nonexistent woman, passport blocked because of this clerical mistake of some passport agent.

Please advise , help in getting the passport renewed.

If your case is genuine, you can submit the relevant documents indicating marriage in and explain the reason to the Passport officer. You can also explain the issue with agent to the passport officer and police officer. It may or may not be straightforward, you need to work with the passport office and seek guidance to get this corrected. Sir,i forget my original marriage certificate on the appointment date of my passport on dated So please help me. My passport is expiring in Sept I want to change POB which was wrongly printed.

Does current passport is valid while it in the renewal phase as it takes some time to issue a new passport? I did multiple calls, tweets and emails but no success. Does involving agent solve the issue? My passport get expired by 29 Jan …N i have my trip from 9th of Jan to 16 th Jan …I forgot to check expiry date.. Well, 1 day may not be possible, the minimum is around 3 to 5 days, because of the printing and shipping. You need to check with Thailand Embassy, if they allow it….

Hi … is the tatkal reissue document requirement different than regular reissue document requirement? Is there any form of affidavit or annexure needed still for a tatkal reissue? It is pretty much same, but you will need additional documents. You need 3 of these 13 Documents as listed on Passport Website.

The only Proof of Address that I have is an unregistered rental agreement. Will they accept it without hassle? Also, do I need to carry the original rent agreement as in my case, the owner has the original agreement and I only have a cam-scanned copy of it? Well, they need a rental agreement, preferably registered. Yes, they may ask for original agreement as they will verify and scan it. Alternatively, you can ask your company to give you a letter stating you live there and update bank passbook and have that one as well.

Currently I am working in bangalore which is different from my permanent address mentioned in my passport. I need to reissu my passport. So do I need to provide address proofs for both, current and permanent address ,and which address will my renewed passport have.

Also,do they return us our old passport or they take it back. You need to provide current proof address. Yes, you will get your old passport back. Yes, you can. It is the same process as described above. You need to carry your old passport with you as well for the re-issue. Sir, I want to renew my passport but I have missed my school certificate what I use for making my old passport.

What should I do? In general, they may or may not ask for your school certificate during renewal, unless something has changed.

Embassy of India, Paris, France

Same documents that you used for passport application like Aadhar card, Address Proof, Any other docs you used. It has been 3 months but still no response. I applied for Renee with place of birth change. Rpo Ghaziabad is waiting response from rpolucknow to get my first passport documents. Rpolucknow did not response.

I sent multiple mails, tweets but no ressponse. How can process start quickly..

Try calling them or visiting RPO office. You can also raise a service request on the passport website as well. Hi , I am living in US and came to india on visiting parents. You can provide your permanent address and the address where you live.

You need to provide proofs for the same. I have all the documents, including proof of residence in my town, but the appointment I am getting even with Tatkal is far enough out that my mother will be in another place by then.

My daughter was issued a short validity passport at the age of 15 yrs now she is 18 when the passport is to be renewed. Can we apply in Mumbai PSK? Also where would the police verification take place as she is in Aurangabad? In residence address shld we mention Mumbai address or Aurangabad hostel address. Nilesh, Ideally, she should apply at the closest Passport Seva kendra in Aurangabad. She can mention her hostel address as her current address and put in your home address as permanent address.

The police verification usually would happen at Hostel and maybe permanent address. SIR my passport expiring regarding some issue arising 1 passport expiring Feb so I can take appointment for new passport in Dec You may check, but usually you can only apply one year before expiry for new passport.

Bank Passbook with photo and address. Yes, current address proof documents. You already have a passport, unless you want to change that, no need to look at old documents. You need to state facts and get your Passport.

You need to put in your married status and have your spouse name added. Also, you would need to provide your address proof in US as part of the package and your permanent address in India. You would very likely get the Indian address on your passport….

Well, in general he should get ECR as per education, but maybe he fulfils one of these criteria like: Check with him. I have this query, 1. Needed to create Fresh passport to my Wife and Kid. I am planning for tatkal passport banaglore.

Need help on the following: Do i need to first apply for reissue , Wait for the passport , then apply for Wife and Kid together? Or Should i apply for Kid, Wife and myself at oneshot. I have: Marriage certificate with the present address. Aadhar for Wife and Kid 3. No, you can apply for everything at the same time on same day.

First apply you and yours spouse passport, use that application number for applying for your Kid. No need to do it separately, you can do it on same day. Check apply minor passport without spouse name endorsement. These should be enough, you also will need to submit Annexure as described above.

Just double check on the passport website document advisor, if any new additional documents needed. My name. Satya Reason. Place of birth. We have to ask your previous RO Lucknow to upload the scan docs. How can I fast the process to get the new passport?

Well, it all depends on the time the other office takes, maybe a week or a month, hard to say. You can reach out to Lucknow RO and see, if anything can be done to speed it up. I need the passport urgently. Is there any way to speed the things.

I am happy to pay any fee and I asked P. No Tatkaal Option-Facility of Tatkaal application is not available. Give valid email and phone no- Please fill up all the columns in the application form including your current valid phone number and email without fail. Self attest all document copies-Self attest with date all the copies of documents enclosed with the application. Are you Submitting in person or by post? No appointments needed for submitting the application-There is no requirement of prior appointment for submission of Passport applications.

Applicants can submit the forms during public hours- 9. For details of our Holiday Calendar , see under the link 'About Us' in www.

Applicants have the option of applying by post by paying a service charge through our authorised service provider, Indo German Consultancy Services-IGCS. Passport applications will not be received through post at the Consulate.

Only cash accepted at the Consulate-If you are submitting the form at the Consulate, the fees have to be paid in Cash. Bank account details of IGCS are available in www.I applied for a passport I at kolkata. Two photographs One photograph to be pasted at the space provided on the right hand top corner of the application form and the second one on the third page of the application form.

Passport replacement due to deletion ECR status. Carry all supporting documentation like you mentioned Aadhar card, etc. Select the application by clicking on radio button. Also bring originals for verification at the counter. New Passport - if there are insufficient blank pages in the Passport The current Passport having valid Visa or Residence Permit is required to be enclosed with self-attested photocopies of pages containing detailed passport particulars, Visa page and the page containing observation s , if any.

Their re-issue thereafter involves the issuance of a new passport. Satya, There is an email and phone number. Well, 1 day may not be possible, the minimum is around 3 to 5 days, because of the printing and shipping.